Vevue - Let's get this started!

Hey Vevuers! (Vay-viewers)

We have some big announcements to share with you.

QTUM Blockchain partnership and incubation:

After raising over $15 million during their ICO, on June 28th, Qtum launched their testnet.  We're excited to announce Qtum has selected Vevue into it's first round of incubation projects.  Vevue Co-founder, Xiangyu Meng, presented Vevue at the testnet launch event.

Watch live event (Vevue begins at 1:23:30)

Incubation includes:

  • Funding
    • Office space at Qtum's Shanghai, China headquarters.  Xiangyu Meng has already moved into the new office space. 


  • Hire 2-3 new developers - We are currently interviewing candidates.  Our focus will include the following:
    • Vevue Dapp - White Paper is in progress
    • Build for iOS - In progress
    • BIG! Android update - In progress
    • Vevue DAO structure, operation and governance
  • Advisory Role
    • Qtum Mobile Smart Contract support for Vevue Requests, powered by Vevue Coin.
    • Qtum Blockchain and Smart Contract support for copyrighting video content.
    • ICO Vevue Coin - We're hoping to schedule the ICO for mid September.  We'll update everyone as the date is solidified.

More updates coming next week as we launch our community efforts!  Including: How to earn pre-ICO Vevue Coin and Qtum by completing tasks that improve Vevue.


Extras from Xiangyu's presentation