Qbao + Vevue to build the first Qtum Enterprise DApp

Quoted from the official Qbao press release

Qbao Network, a decentralized blockchain platform, and Vevue, a decentralized video social network, have announced their cooperation on the next generation of DAPP social network ecosystem. 

Qbao Network, as a BlockChain platform application with a growing number of users, has offered a perfect social network experience and multi-token payment function. Vevue has become the leading force of decentralized video social network. It has provided a complete copyright protection service to the authors, meanwhile, via the smart contract, Vevue also benefits the creators in realtime.

Based on this cooperation, the two companies provide a more sophisticated solution to the many pitfalls of improving traditional Internet video sharing platforms.

“Through this cooperation, Both parties jointly explored the application of blockchain technology.” Said the Qbao Network CEO ChenLin.

“In 2018, it will be the first year for the BlockChain industry to move from the fundamental technology development to a real strategic landing. Qbao Network upholds the core concept of building an entrance into the world of BlockChain. By cooperating with industry players in different fields, Qbao Network will surely promote the further implementation of BlockChain technology to the market. We sincerely appreciate Vevue’s achievements in building the next generation of social media ecosystem. As a forerunner of platform-based products, Qbao Network is very willing to share our research results with our partners to make more innovative attempts to push the technology of BlockChain to a strategic level.

The co-founder and CTO of Vevue Meng Xiangyu express: “ The next generation of decentralized video social ecosystem of Vevue has taken shape and has had a huge impact both in photography and in the BlockChain industry. We are very confident that we will deeply cooperate with Qbao Network in payments, and build Vevue into one of the most potential and valuable social network applications. This cooperation with Qbao Network will undoubtedly build a pro-user Strategic platform. This cooperation between us and Qbao Network is based on the advance of the same strategic agreement and common visions that both parties hold. ’’