Earning Vevue Tokens with CoMakery

After spending the last month troubleshooting with the CoMakery team we are happy to announce the creation and distribution of Vevue Tokens.  Please visit our CoMakery project page to see the action.  These Tokens are created on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20) and are considered "pre-ICO Tokens".   You can view the creation of Tokens on Etherscan as we distribute to those that complete community Tasks.  


Each pre-ICO Token will be exchangeable 1:1 for our official Vevue Token created on Qtum's Blockchain.  Qtum expects to launch their "mainnet" release mid/late September.  Shortly after their launch we'll host Vevue's ICO and create and distribute our official Token. 

In the event you complete a task and want to sell your pre-ICO Tokens, Vevue will purchase the Tokens for $0.05 each.  Please contact us if you wish to sell.  

We will begin sending Slack invites to those of you that have shown interest in our first task "Join Our Community".   Our "Neighborhood" task is currently on hold as we troubleshoot/upgrade the Vevue Map.  We are still looking for bloggers and professinonal video commercials.  

Further Updates:

  • iOS - Private beta testing is active. We're currently waiting for Apple Store approval before on-boarding public users.
  • Vevue Map - Working on upgrade
  • Vevue Team - We have hired 3 new people, CFO, iOS developer and Web developer.  We're currently hiring for Public Relations and Blockchain development.
  • Vevue Whitepaper - Our Whitepaper continues to evolve in detail as we explain how Vevue Token operates as a "Utility Token".  The process of our Utility can most adequately be compared to BAT (Basic Attention Token).  Like BAT first building their browser app Brave, Vevue must complete it's Android and iOS apps which will power Vevue Requests as a DAPP.
  • Vevue ICO - We plan to ICO during Qtum's Mainnet launch.  For more information see our Token distribution page.

Token Tracking info:


Token Contract Address: 0x772932a7093f5f3fba00a9339abf01c47a660499

Token Symbol: VEVP

Decimal Places: 0


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