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Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the app.  It's exciting for our team to finally work with and see content from the outside world.  As beta testing progresses our goal is to upload a new APK each month.  

Today's update is focused on user profiles.  Download update here.  Our next update will focus on incorporating avatars to the Vevue map, comment replies and earning Bitcoin.  Now that we have active users we'll increase the limit on amount of bits attached to each Vevue Request.

Whats new:

If it's your first time installing Vevue you'll see our new avatar system.  You'll have to select a Random image or upload from your device.  If you're returning you'll see a new "welcome back" screen with your avatar. 

From the main feed tap a users name.  This action will take you to their profile summary page.  You can now "follow" your favorite Vevuers.

Enter your profile page to view the people you "follow" and those following you.  You can also tap your avatar image to change.

The map has been updated with a new Bitcoin icon.  This is a temporary fix as we finish building for "live video requests".  

When leaving a comment you will notice that you're now able to pull down to refresh the comment feed.  Also, when replying to a comment it will now show in the feed.

If you would like to help test Vevue please contact us with your location and we'll pin Bitcoin near you.  Currently each pin is worth 5 Bits allowing for 5 videos,  earn 1 Bit per video uploaded.    

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