Vevue VR 360 and verified users

To prepare launch for VR 360 integration, we will begin the onboarding process for Verified Vevuers.  A Verified Vevuer creates high-quality content, demonstrating expertise in specialized fields such as 360-degree, drone, or cinemagraphic video. 

Verified Vevuer Benefits

  • Special in-app features (currently under development, release date early 2018, TBA)
  • Earn 100 Vevue Tokens once you've been verified.  After the ICO closes this amount will decrease each time our user base doubles.  
  • Once verified, anyone will be able to send you specific Requests for your category.
  • As you build a following - others can add Tokens to your Requests.
    • Example: I pin a 100 token Request for verified user Dan Figur.  Anyone who also likes Dan's work can 'add' tokens to my Request pin.  This feature will enable Vevuers with a following to earn substantially more Tokens for answering high quality Requests.

Today we will begin with verifying the following Vevuers:

  • Professional videographers
  • VR 360 videographers 
  • Tour guides & drone operators
  • High quality Reviewers & content creators

Please fill out the following form if you would like to verify your Vevue account. 





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