Official statement regarding Qtum rapid price increase

Official statement regarding Qtum rapid price increase

The Vevue ICO is scheduled to end at block 90,000.  If 40 million Vevue Tokens are not converted upon the close of block 90000, all participants of the Vevue ICO will be issued an adjusted amount of Vevue Tokens to better reflect QTUM's rapid increase.

If all 40 million tokens are converted, there will most likely be no adjustment.  Vevue Tokens are limited and will be distributed to the terms of our white paper and community benefit.

Thank you for your support!

Vevue Team

Vevue makes no promise or guarantee about the future value of Vevue Tokens. Generally, participants in this ICO donate funds to the Vevue Foundation and receive a grant of Vevue Tokens, without any expectation of future profit. Vevue does not actively target any jurisdiction in marketing the ICO, other than Singapore. Per advice of reputable advisors, Vevue Tokens do not constitute "securities" under relevant U.S. securities law. 
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