Vevue: A Community Project


Vevue is a project for the people. From inception, Vevue has viewed people empowerment as a foundational building block to success. So to empower the people, we strive for fairness. Fairness means public sale only. Every dollar, every QTUM is meaningful because of who invests it. Fairness means equality and equity can live harmoniously. Every community member is valued, all contributions in kind or cash matter. Fairness means transparency. Our founder, Thomas Olson is also our community manager, for a good project is nothing if it doesn't have a community that believes in it. 

We do not measure our success by making a quick buck, for that is not our intention. We have a beta project that requires a long road of development ahead. We are seeking blockchain enthusiasts, content creators, social media disruptors and egalitarian futurists alike, all who believe that simple, demonstrable viable blockchain projects are possible.  

We may look like the tortoise versus the hare but this is our strategy. It is tedious and until recently, heavily critiqued. However much of blockchain space is uncharted territory. Hence, we are steadfast on our journey, still rooting for everyone no matter the approach. As for Vevue, our most coveted success is building a community. 

Here is an outline of the status of our current operations and what is to come:  

Vevue token is currently offered through two channels: 

  1. ICO, tokens on Qtum blockchain purchased via smart contract 
  2. CoMakery- tokens on Etherum blockchain distributed by equity sharing platform CoMakery. These tokens are for community contributions of marketing, development, or social engagement. Anyone can help the Vevue project progress. 

To test our token utility we launch ApplePay, in-app "token" purchasing. Apple Pay was conducted for a limited time and in quantity offered to encourage app usage. The testing period ended as of 15 December 2017.  This exercise in usage will help developers find and fix bugs, create better UI, and improve overall app - *Not official Vevue Token*

Qtum block 90000 will mark the close of ICO. Tokens purchased from the ICO sale will be distributed and will converge with the Apple Pay and CoMakery tokens. All tokens will obtain equal value. All tokens will end residing on the Qtum blockchain.

40000 blocks are left to mine before the ICO close. This means there is plenty of time to continue development, publish app updates, grow the community, strengthen our point of view, and most empower the people. We want this project to become rewarding for everyone. After all, masterpieces are not built overnight.