UPDATE! Daily Rewards, Apple Pay, & ICO News

Our latest iOS upgrade went live today.  You can download now.

This upgrade is another big leap forward for Vevue.  The first and biggest part of the upgrade is the ability to purchase Tokens using Apple Pay.   Purchasing through our ICO is still only way to secure official Vevue Tokens.

1. Purchase Vevue Tokens with Apple Pay

In order to allow Vevuers to interact, test and play with our iOS app - for a limited time anyone with an iphone can purchase Tokens for approximately $0.10 each.  These tokens will be exchanged for real Vevue Tokens at the end of our ICO period, amount dependent on ICO results. Tokens purchased will be made available for withdraw soon after we launch Vevue's blockchain wallet, until then tokens are bound to your phone number. You can save purchased tokens or create Vevue Requests; pin tokens on the map and attach a short message of what type of video you'd like.  Others can then earn pinned tokens by responding to your Request.  *Tokens for testing purposes*  *Not official Vevue Token*


2. New Daily Rewards
All you have to do is download the app, enter your profile page and tap Daily Reward.  Each day you do this you earn 2 Vevue Tokens!  

3. Select Your Server Power 
Select the server you wish to use and tap the orange "OK" in the upper right. 

4. Search Requests Nearby
From within the Vevue map you can now toggle between map & nearby.  The new nearby option shows all Requests in list form starting with closest to your current location.  

ICO update

Qbao.fund + Vevue
You can download their wallet now and interact with Vevue's ICO smart contracts. Purchasing Vevue Token using Qbao wallet is very easy. 

For those of you interested, our partner Qbao.fund is beginning their ICO November 19th. 

ICO Legal Counsel
Vevue Foundation has retained counsel with US based Olshan law firm.  Olshan is researching Vevue's technology and white paper.  Upon completion they will provide documentation stating Vevue Tokens are Utility Tokens, not securities.  Anyone purchasing Vevue Tokens may be subject to KYC laws before withdrawing.  After we have documentation we will begin marketing Vevue Tokens & ICO to US market.