Vevue is a blockchain community project

The Vevue community has earned 32,700 Vevue Tokens to date, in exchange for completing tasks that propel our mission of building a global community.

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One thing that excites our team most is how well the community is dispersed throughout the world. Over the last week we have been working with Vevuers for our "Neighborhood" task.  This task involves visiting a location we have pinned on the map and uploading a short video review of the surrounding area, very simple videos with or without the Vevuer speaking.  As showcased in the screenshots below you can see where we have pinned over 140 locations Requested by people wishing to complete the task.  Some locations on the map only show one icon but as you zoom in more appear.  

If you would like to participate in our Neighborhood task please contact us.  For those of you who have already completed the task we have opened up a new task titled "Level 2 Neighborhood".  It's time for Vevue to start pushing the creative boundaries of our community.  With Level 2 we are requesting 1 high quality video review.  Whether it be a meal at a restaurant or exploring a park, we are looking for people willing to speak & guide viewers through their experience.  

Examples of Lv1 videos submitted during the past week:

Other notable tasks that are being completed include:

Building international communities

Blogging about Vevue

Mustafa Elnemr wrote a guest blog post about how he envisions Vevue can be used as a tool for activism and bringing transparency to the journalism industry.  His post can viewed on Medium

Another Vevuer, Andy, blogged a walk-through of his experience working with Vevue.  His post can be viewed on Steemit.


The blockchain provides many new tools for building community, you can follow our Task List as Vevue's journey evolves.


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