From soft-launch to scaling our ICO

Previous article "ICO soft Launch".  Vevue ICO is now live.

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Vevue Token is a DAPP Utility Token.  It's purpose, like Utility Tokens BAT and soon to be launched (ERN), is to replace middlemen by redistributing value to it's participants.  In BAT's case, disrupting the middle men of digital advertising, paying YOU to interact with the internet.  In ERN's case, disrupt written messaging, inverting the social experience so you get paid for the time you give others outside your network, or even in your network.  In Vevue's case, disrupt video messaging, track and monetize the content you create across all platforms, travel the world by video and meet new people, distribute value or earn your own with Vevue Requests. 

Now that our ICO is live we begin the next phase in Vevue's evolution.  Over the next few weeks we'll focus on two things:

  1. Prepping Vevue iOS/Android for Token integration. Launching shortly after the ICO ends.  
  2. Expanding our community

One tool we're using to expand our community is our Task List, allowing anyone to earn Vevue Tokens:

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Track distributed Awards at our CoMakery summary page.  Awards issued last week include:

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  • 40+ - "Join our community" Awards
  • 1 - Submit an idea for our task page Award
  • 1 - Create a video commercial for Vevue




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