ICO Soft Launch


There have been many critiques over the last several months, years for some, on what a successful ICO entails. Vevue has one goal in mind - BUILD COMMUNITY. Vevue is a community project, our success hinges on our ability to build a network.   We have witnessed as Utility Token projects like BAT (Basic Attention Token) sell out in seconds, leaving their community shaking their heads at not being able to participate.  With our soft-launch approach, we hope to avoid the same scenario.  

If any of the 40 million ICO tokens remain after block 90,000, they will be distributed using our Airdrop Requests feature.  If the ICO ends early and we collect all 400,000 Qtum, we'll begin staking immediately.  We will allocate QTUM as needed for our burn rate and all expenses/disbursements will be made public by the Vevue Foundation, a Singapore non-profit.  


Vevue's Utility Token focuses on five primary functions for distribution:

1. Vevue Requests - With Requests you pin Vevue Tokens to any location on the Vevue Map and attach a short message. Someone can then visit the location, upload a video, and earn the Tokens. This use case will be available shortly after our ICO and soon include "Live" Requests.

2. Vevue Airdrop Requests - We'll pin Vevue Tokens at millions of popular locations around the world and Request a 30-second video review. Anyone with a smartphone can visit the location and earn the Tokens. Video reviews are packaged into an API for sites like Yelp or Google Local. We plan to have Airdrop Requests live before the end of winter.

3. Blockchain Copyright - Each time you upload content you earn a Blockchain Copyright. Soon you'll be able to sell, trade or monetize your copyright (video).

4. Online Rewards - You can now mine tokens by simply surfing the app. Earn tokens just for using Vevue. *Limited time only

5. CoMakery - Complete tasks from our Task List in exchange for Vevue Tokens. The tasks are designed to bring value to Vevue and range from simple to complex. In the future, CoMakery will integrate with Qtum's blockchain. 

We also highlight 7 different use cases in our White Paper.  

  • Ordinary users
  • Videographers - advanced users
  • Businesses
  • Guided Tours
  • Breaking international barriers
  • Meeting people around the globe
  • VR, AR, Drones - Multi Platform


ICO participation:

Please install one of 2 wallets: (only send Qtum from these wallets)

We will publish the Vevue smart contract address for Qtum deposits at starting block 35,000

Vevue is one upgrade away from integrating Vevue Tokens. There are cool new features in our latest iOS update, including My Requests dashboard. Download the latest iOS app

Thank you!  Stay tuned for more updates.