ICO Launch, iOS Update & Advisers

halloween ICO

Halloween ICO

We uploaded our ICO smart contracts to Github: https://github.com/vevue/ICOcontracts.

Starting with the Vevue and Qtum communities, we will soft launch our ICO. Our vision for successful distribution starts with spreading Vevue Tokens to those that have followed, helped or shown interest in Vevue and Qtum.  We'll release the starting block and contract address information next week. 

In a show of commitment to the Qtum community, our ICO will only accept Qtum.  After the ICO closes, we will stake the received coins.  Employees of Vevue Foundation will be paid in Qtum; we will distribute as needed for our burn rate. All Foundation expenses and disbursements will be publicly documented.  Assuming the price of Qtum remains stable before our launch date - the conversion rate will be 1 Qtum: 100 Vevue Tokens.  40,000,000 million Tokens will be available as detailed here.

We partnered with the Blockchain Consulate team and added them as our first advisors:

The Blockchain Consulate is a consulting collaboration between Kendrick Nguyen, Noah Thorp, and Tony Lai, each CEOs of independent companies establishing infrastructure to support the development of the blockchain ecosystem, who are combining their knowledge, experience, and networks across business, technical, legal, and fundraising, to consult with selected individuals and organizations considering ICOs.
Kendrick Nguyen is the Founder & CEO of Republic, a retail investment crowdfunding platform for both equity fundraising and ICO financing. He was previously General Counsel of AngelList and is an active adviser of CoinList. Kendrick has advised a number of noted ICOs, and has been working closely with federal regulators, lawyers and think tanks to develop a consistent regulatory framework for US-based ICOs and token exchange.
Noah Thorp is the Founder & CEO of CoMakery, a platform for blockchain token administration utilizing smart contracts. Noah’s background as VP of Engineering for SharesPost and Nasdaq Private Market’s private stock trading systems, as well as leading blockchain development efforts for fortune 100 companies, supports his ability to provide incisive review and advice on technical aspects of white papers and ICO crowdsale systems.
Tony Lai is the Co-founder & CEO of Legal.io, a platform for legal empowerment that drives down the costs of legal support in specific verticals. Tony was previously a technology lawyer in a major international firm, before joining the founding team of StartX, the Stanford startup accelerator. Tony co-leads the Blockchain Group at the CodeX Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, and together with Noah, co-organizes the SF chapter of LegalHackers, where they have been running a series of blockchain and ICO-related panels, events, and hackathons.

iOS update

Download the app from iTunes for the latest version. Users can now upload content from multiple platforms, including iMovie and Go-Pro. We're streamlining features for a seamless user experience. Vevue Tokens will be featured in the next big update. We unpublished our Android app and will republish an upgraded version with Vevue Token integration after the ICO.