How to earn Bitcoin (Bits) with Vevue Beta testing.

Step 1 - Download Vevue App (Android)

Step 2 - Enter: Profile page > Balance


Step 3 - Comment below with a location near you and we'll pin Bitcoin (Bits) to the Vevue map.  Visit location and record video to earn Bits.  

Step 4 - Receive Bits and withdraw

Note: During Beta

- You must have 100 Bits before withdraw approved.  

- Earn 1 Bit per Vevue Request answered.  

- You can deposit Bits and create your own Video Requests.

- If you make quality videos and want to earn 100 Bits per Request, please contact us.

- Some features do not work.  Our programming team is working hard!


Thank you,

The Vevue Team