Where can I download Vevue?
Vevue iOS App is available on the iTunes. Download now> 
If you don't have an iphone or ipad, visit Vevue Web Alpha, our desktop portal to the world of decentralized content. 

How much does Vevue cost?
The app and web portal are always free to download and use. Premium content may be available for purchase using Vevue tokens in the near future. 


How do I purchase tokens using the app?
Unfortunately, we have yet to launch this feature. We plan to launch in-app wallet integration in Summer 2018. 

I am having trouble installing Vevue App. What should I do? 
You may need to allow Vevue App to open though your settings.
Open your Settings > General > Device Management > Huebi Yanglian Information Technology.. Click TRUST

Is the Vevue app safe to open?
Yes. Vevue does not collect any unauthorized data from users. If we need permission for access to features on your phone (like photo album and camera) we'll ask first. 

Why is there an upload limit?
There is a weekly upload limit determined by file size as a proactive security measure against spam. No one likes a system that’s flooded by that one dude selling vaporware.


What is Vevue Premium?
V-Premium is a curated high production value pillar of the Vevue platform. Premium offers filmmakers, music and video artists a chance to put their videos in the spotlight. Only Vevuers with verified/official channels get access to post on Premium. All Vevuers have access to watch BVOD on Premium. Premium is the homescreen when you open the app. It currently looks like a single scrolling feed, but don’t fret, we have big plans for organizing this growing library of content.

Who should register on Premium?
If you are a professional filmmaker, music or video artist, you should launch your work on Premium.

How do I register to Premium?
After you download the Vevue app and create and account, connect with us on Telegram or Slack. We can verify your account and get you set up with incentives to launch your work on Premium.

What is Vevue Focus?
V-Focus is the social sharing pillar of the Vevue platform. All Vevuers have access to upload, watch, share videos on Focus.


(Vevue Tokens mentioned in the updated Roadmap, March 2019):

What is a Stablecoin?
A “stable coin” is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to another stable asset, like gold or the U.S. dollar, and therefore, in theory, will have lower volatility than a cryptocurrency that is solely linked to sentiment, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Many Blockchain companies are now using Stablecoins to help stabilize their ecosystems from volatility and protect their Stakeholders.

What is an STO?
For general information about STO’s, please refer to this article.

What will happen to my current Vevue Utility Token?
We plan that your current Vevue Utility Token will maintain its utility within the Vevue ecosystem as a medium of exchange or “payment token” which may be used to view content, participate in the request-exchange model, or to invest in the production or distribution of particular content; we also plan to create a Stablecoin for which you would be able to exchange your token for the purpose of insulating your holding against volatility, or establish a more consistent trading route to fiat currency.  We expect that concurrently with our STO, we will offer to repurchase outstanding Utility Tokens. Please note that this is our current intent, however it is subject to change, and we cannot assure that we will be able to accomplish any or all of our intended plans.

Can I buy STO tokens now?
We are entertaining offers from qualified purchasers for our next round of financing. If you are interested, please contact us at upload@vevue.com so we can verify investor suitability and provide required offering materials.

Why not do another ICO?
The concept of the ICO relies upon an assumption that the token sale is not subject to  securities law regulations. While such a thing is theoretically possible, guidance from the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as many other country’s regulatory bodies strongly encourage treating sales of tokens by token issuers as regulated transactions requiring treatment as an STO.

Will anybody be able to invest in the STO?
Purchase of tokens in our STO will be restricted to qualified purchasers (for US Persons, “Accredited Investors”) who satisfy applicable “Know Your Customer” requirements.

Should I buy more Vevue Utility Tokens now?
We are currently planning and executing a pivot in our company’s business model and the treatment of the outstanding Vevue Utility Tokens. We cannot recommend any action or inaction in respect of purchase or ownership of currently outstanding Vevue Utility Tokens.

Can you guarantee my current Vevue Utility Tokens will retain their value?
We can provide no guarantee or assurance as to the current or future value of Vevue Utility Tokens.

I don’t understand the roadmap, what are all of these tokens?
We’ll be publishing an article on our new token economy in the coming weeks. We recommend reading this article to best understand how Vevue is empowering it’s community, and therefore will wait until this article is published before commenting on the new ecosystem.

How do I swap my Vevue Utility Token for a Stablecoin?
The exact mechanism on how to do this will be explained once we get further into executing our roadmap


What exchanges is Vevue Utility Token trading on?
Vevue Utility Token is currently trading on AllCoin. If you have recommendations of an exchange you’d like to see list Vevue Utility Token, please join our Telegram to talk to a team member.

Why can’t I find Vevue Utility Token on CoinMarketCap (CMC)?
Vevue Utility Token trading quantities are still too low in volume to be listed on CMC.



Contact us or telegram for more information.