What is Vevue? 

Vevue is a next-generation social media app that financially rewards users and media makers for their engagement. Vevue is unlike any other social media platform. Using blockchain technology, like micropayments, our ecosystem presents users with an “earn money first” approach.  With Vevue, anyone, anywhere, anytime can open our app and earn money.  Upload and monetize a video or simply answer a Request near you – earning money has never been so easy!  

What does Vevue mean? 

Pronounced as Vay-VIEW, it’s a term coined by founder Thomas Olson. The word is a play on his original idea of “video-reviews”, or as he says, “It’s a French word meaning ‘video review.’” We’ll pay tokens for someone to enter the term in a notable, modern dictionary. *wink*

How is Vevue different from other social media platforms?

With Vevue, all users own their content and can effortlessly monetize it. Everyone is rewarded for participating. Unlike other social media platforms, Vevue utilizes blockchain technology to provide features that appeal to all types of app users. Creators and their collaborators start earning instantly using our paywall system and splitter technology.  Vevuers earn rewards for their engagement and viewership while directly supporting content creators. Could something as ingrained in our daily lives as social media be done differently? Yes. And it should be.


When is the new app release date?

Vevue Beta Platform launches in August 2019.

What are some new features on the App?

Brand new features:

  • Redesigned entire App for improved token flow and implemented a system-wide 5% fee revenue model for paying dividends to security token owners.

  • Perspective 1.0 — Engage with creators by uploading video responses/comments.

  • Upvote + Downvote — Who needs just likes?! Build your audience and reputation through more interaction. Video creators receive 1 token with each vote.

  • Cheer — Upvote content you love up to 100 times.

  • Sponsorship — Sponsor creators you love with a monthly gift of 100 or 200 tokens.

Wallet functionalities coming soon:

  • Stablecoin deposit.

  • Swap stablecoins to V.  Swap V back to stablecoin.

  • Track video earnings, IP, and collaborators in your Media token tab.

  • Vevue Utility Token (VUT) continued support with directions for next steps.

  • Referral code, get paid to help grow the Vevue network. (See ID & “Referral Code” in-app for details)

Updated pre-existing features:

  • Splitter — The new splitter allows creators to set split rates and then automatically share profits with collaborators every time Vevuers pay to watch your content.

  • User discoverability with @usernames search.

  • Map Running — Exploring your neighborhood has never been so rewarding. Lists will soon integrate custom themes, such as bars, restaurants, and local attractions. Create video reviews and earn tokens.

  • Improved paywall options — Autopay and default amounts.

  • Upload videos privately.

  • Integrated social media sharing for videos. Embed videos offsite.

  • Enable or disable commenting.

  • V-Premium — New design, content, categories, and approval process to begin rolling out this fall.

Does the Vevue app collect and save my data?

Vevue does not collect any unauthorized data from users. We will always ask permission for access to features on your phone, such as photo album and camera.


How do I sign up for an account? 

Vevue Beta Platform launches in August 2019. Once launched, signing up for an account is easy! 

  1. Download Vevue for iOS or Android (links)

  2. Enter your phone number to verify you’re a real person

  3. You’re in! That was easy, wasn’t it?

How do I upload content?

The orange circle located in the middle of your main navigation will start a new Vevue. Complete the following steps to upload content.

  1. Select the video to upload

  2. Select your cover image

  3. Fill in your title, description, paywall price, and choose from some other goodies like IP Certification using our Content Token (link to definition). 

  4. Select Upload

  5. Voila! You’re done

Why is there an upload limit?

There is a weekly upload limit determined by file size as a proactive security measure against spam. No one likes a system that’s flooded by that one dude selling vaporware.

How do I set my pay per view price?

You can set your paywall or pay-per-view price when you upload your new Vevue. If you would like to set a higher paywall price, please contact customer support at upload@vevue.com or via telegram.

Are there content restrictions?

We are currently a community moderated platform. If your content infringes on others’ copyright or if it is offensive, other users may flag your Vevue for removal. To read our full Terms of Service, click here.

How much does Vevue cost?

Vevue is free to download and there is plenty of content available to enjoy for free. Since paywalls can be set at the creators’ preference, there are also many Vevues that cost tokens to watch. 


What is Vevue Premium?

V-Premium is a curated, high production value pillar of the Vevue platform. Premium offers filmmakers, music and video artists a chance to put their videos in the spotlight. Only Vevuers with verified/official channels get access to post on Premium. All Vevuers have access to watch blockchain video on demand (BVOD) on Premium. Premium is the homescreen when you open the app. It currently looks like a single scrolling feed, but don’t fret, we have big plans for organizing this growing library of content.

Who should register on Premium?

If you are a professional filmmaker, influencer, or music or video artist, you should launch your work on Premium.

How do I register with Premium?

After you download the Vevue app and create an account, connect with us on Telegram or Slack. We can verify your account and get you set up with incentives to launch your work on Premium.


How does the Vevue Token Ecosystem work?

Our team is working on a new White Paper that will explain this question in detail.  We’ll alert the community when the paper is ready for distribution.

How do I earn tokens? 

There are many easy ways to earn Vpay on Vevue. 

  • Earn tokens by uploading videos. Get paid instantly when people watch your content. 

  • Select Requests from your main navigation to explore Vevue Requests from fellow Vevuers or go on an adventure to discover local attractions, parks, and restaurants using Lists (Formerly known as Map Running Challenge)

  • Coming soon: Get paid to watch videos!  Pay others to watch your videos!

How do I cash out my tokens?

In your Vevue wallet, tap the “Reload” button and select the “Swap to Stablecoin” option. Cash-out anytime.

How much should I charge for people to watch my videos? 

It’s up to you! We’ve made reloading or spending options easy with 1 and 5 Vpay. Our tokens are pegged to a USD backed stablecoin, so 1 Vpay = 0.01 $USD. 

How do my fans earn Vpay?

There are currently three ways to earn tokens:

  1. Complete a map running task.  Or complete a Request pinned by someone else.  NOTE: If you have fans you can pin a Request specifically for them.

  2. Upload a video and put a paywall in place.

  3. Have someone else upload a video with a paywall and add you as a collaborator. 

What type of token am I receiving for Beta Testing or fulfilling tasks on CoMakery?
Beta Testers and all users will receive V tokens both in app and through CoMakery. V is the currency of the Vevue platform for all users.

How do I purchase tokens using the app?

Deposit USDC to your Vevue wallet and “Swap” for our Vpay.

What blockchain does Vevue utilize? 

Vevue uses both QTUM and Ethereum blockchains. 

Which exchanges are Vevue Utility Tokens available on? 

As of June 2019, the Vevue Utility Token is currently available on allcoin.com. 

Will there by KYC?

Yes, we are working to build in KYC for anyone earning money from the Vevue ecosystem.  

What is an STO?

For general information about STO’s, please refer to this article.

Can I buy STO tokens now?

We are entertaining offers from qualified purchasers for our next round of financing. If you are interested, please contact us at upload@vevue.com so we can verify investor suitability and provide required offering materials.

Why not do another ICO?

The concept of the ICO relies upon an assumption that the token sale is not subject to securities law regulations. While such a thing is theoretically possible, guidance from the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as many other countries' regulatory bodies strongly encourage treating sales of tokens by token issuers as regulated transactions requiring treatment as an STO.

Will anybody be able to invest in the STO?

Purchase of tokens in our STO will be restricted to qualified purchasers (for US Persons, “Accredited Investors”) who satisfy applicable “Know Your Customer” requirements.

What is a Stablecoin?

A “stable coin” is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to another stable asset, like gold or the U.S. dollar, and therefore, in theory, will have lower volatility than a cryptocurrency that is solely linked to sentiment, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Many Blockchain companies are now using Stablecoins to help stabilize their ecosystems from volatility and protect their Stakeholders.

Should I buy more Vevue Utility Tokens now?

We are currently planning and executing a pivot in our company’s business model and the treatment of the outstanding Vevue Utility Tokens. We cannot recommend any action or inaction in respect of purchase or ownership of currently outstanding Vevue Utility Tokens. 

Can you guarantee my current Vevue Utility Tokens will retain their value?

We can provide no guarantee or assurance as to the current or future value of Vevue Utility Tokens.

How do I swap my Vevue Utility Token for a Stablecoin?

The exact mechanism on how to do this will be explained once we get further into executing our roadmap.

 I don’t understand the roadmap, what are all of these tokens?

We’ll be publishing an article on our new token economy in the coming weeks. We recommend reading this article to best understand how Vevue is empowering it’s community, and therefore will wait until this article is published before commenting on the new ecosystem.


I am having trouble installing the Vevue App. What should I do? 

You may need to allow Vevue App to open through your settings.

Open your Settings > General > Device Management > Huebi Yanglian Information Technology.. > Click TRUST

How do I report bugs, both in-app and out of app.

We’ll provide links for reporting bugs when public beta testing begins. 

Can I talk to someone?

We are happy to help answer any questions. And there are many ways to get in touch with us. You can email us at upload@vevue.com. Or you can join our Telegram channel (t.me/vevue). We maintain a presence on Twitter and Instagram as well, so be sure to follow us.