Where can I download Vevue?
Vevue iOS App is available on the iTunes. Download now> 
If you don't have an iphone or ipad, visit Vevue Web Alpha, our desktop portal to the world of decentralized content. 

How much does Vevue cost?
The app and web portal are always free to download and use. Premium content may be available for purchase using Vevue tokens in the near future.  

How do I purchase tokens using the app?
Unfortunately, we have yet to launch this feature. We plan to launch in-app wallet integration in Summer 2018. 

I am having trouble installing Vevue App. What should I do? 
You may need to allow Vevue App to open though your settings.
Open your Settings > General > Device Management > Huebi Yanglian Information Technology.. Click TRUST

Is the Vevue app safe to open?
Yes. Vevue does not collect any unauthorized data from users. If we need permission for access to features on your phone (like photo album and camera) we'll ask first. 



Contact us or join our slack for more information.