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A Revolutionary Dividend Platform

Introducing the first of its kind, a dividend platform integrating blockchain technology with social media to provide a revolutionary user experience. Our latest innovation operates under a multi-token system to ameliorate concerns about token liquidity and market volatility, allowing users to cash out to a stablecoin at any time.

Introducing VUE & The Dividend Pool


VUE is a security token standard compliant ERC1404 token. VUE is a non-digitized, non-voting preferred equity share representing Vevue Media, Inc. The core purpose of the VUE token is to distribute gross revenues and enforce transfer restrictions for certain groups.

Unlike other social media platforms, Vevue only collects a 5% transaction fee, so users can earn more and feel rewarded for their creative efforts. The transaction fee from on-platform engagement enters a dividend pool which will be distributed daily to VUE token holders. For investors, this is an unparalleled opportunity to earn first-dollar gross revenues of Vevue Media, Inc.

VUE will also be replacing Vevue Utility Token (VUT). The VUT swap for VUE Token begins immediately and will close before the first gross revenue dividend payment in January 2020. Current VUT token holders can visit to begin the process of conversion. 

The decision to migrate from VUT to VUE comes with the implementation of the multi-token ecosystem on the Vevue Beta platform and the desire to keep tokens accessible on the Ethereum blockchain. For questions regarding VUT or VUE please contact


Gross Revenue Dividend Payment Allocation


The Multi-Token Economy

For users, our new multi-token ecosystem keeps you organized. Our Vevue Beta user interface delineates the different tokens for ease in tracking and usability. Below are the different types of tokens you’ll see in your Vevue wallet:


ID Verification* - Verifies each account is owned by a real user. Enable facial recognition for extra security, third party KYC to access cash out features, and track your identification information on the Ethereum blockchain. *still under development


Vpay - Pegged to US $0.01 and is the payment method for all transactions & engagements. Set your own paywall price, split revenue with collaborators, and instantly receive payments in Vpay once viewers engage with your content. Users can also earn additional Vpay for fulfilling peer-to-peer requests, for receiving up and downvotes, and for sponsorships and cheers. To bootstrap the network, Vpay tokens are awarded to all new enrolled users including those in the referral program. The Vpay tokens are purchased via an Ethereum-based stable coin, USDC.


USDC - USD Coin (USDC) is a stablecoin cryptocurrency. It is the currency used to purchase and cash out of Vpay. You can always redeem 1 USD Coin for US $1.00, giving it a stable price. Learn more about USDC on Coinbase.


Media* - Represents content as an asset. Tracks video identification, income, and payments split between collaborators.
*still under development


User Flow


Token FAQ

What do I do with my VUT?

We can provide you with specific instructions to convert your VUT to VUE.
Click here to begin the process >

What will happen to my VUT if I do not convert them?

Please make sure you convert your VUT to VUE before the first dividend payment scheduled for January 2020. Vevue will burn all remainder VUT once the dividend payments have begun.

Can I purchase VUE?

Details about opportunities to purchase VUE will be announced soon. 

When will the other tokens in the ecosystem be launched?

We will build ID verification and Media management tokens in 2020.

Can I “cash out” at any time?

We are currently developing the Vpay-to-USDC cash out system, which will be launched in q4 of 2019. Once live, users will be able to cash out at any time. 


Besides the 5% fee for in-app transactions, are there any fees for cashing out?

Vevue only collects the 5% fee for paywalls, cheers, up and down votes and sponsorships. Applicable gas fees may apply during the exchange from Vpay to USDC.
To learn more about gas fees click here >


How do I buy more USDC?

You can purchase more USDC on Coinbase. The price is always $1 = 1 USDC.
Click here to purchase USDC >


Is USDC useable on other apps and platforms?

USD Coin is designed to let dollars move globally from your crypto wallet to other exchanges, businesses, and people. Learn more about USDC from their official website .


Do I need an Ethereum wallet to cash out my USDC?

Yes. USD Coin is an Ethereum token, so you can store it in an Ethereum-compatible wallet, like Coinbase or Metamask Wallet.