The Vision

We believe in empowering creativity. Using the power of the blockchain, we are revolutionizing the way people interact with, distribute, watch, and appreciate video content. 

We are committed to bringing transparency to video publication. This means copyright protection, global accessibility and expediency for all. 

We strive to push the boundaries of blockchain provision while maintaining a platform that is open, honest, and inclusive. 

We celebrate a future where video experience is of limitless possibility and free-choice. Welcome to Vevue. 

Meet the Team


kendrick nguyen

Founder & CEO of Republic, a retail investment crowdfunding platform for both equity fundraising and ICO financing. He was previously General Counsel of AngelList and is an active adviser of CoinList. 

noah thorp

Founder & CEO of CoMakery, a platform for blockchain token administration utilizing smart contracts. Noah’s background as VP of Engineering for SharesPost and Nasdaq Private Market’s private stock trading systems.

tony lai

Co-founder & CEO of, a platform for legal empowerment that drives down the costs of legal support in specific verticals. Tony also leads the Blockchain Group at the CodeX Stanford Center for Legal Informatics. 


SUN ruoyu

Sun, a.k.a. Nathan is Qbao Co-Founder/COO. Nathan has ten years of China IT & Internet experience and has served as head of multiple popular projects.


international community leaders