Q4 2017

ICO launch, 73,000 QTUM raised

Q1 2018

Vevue MVP launch for iOS app and web

Q3 2018

Wallet + Paywall released

First-ever feature film launch on blockchain: No Postage Necessary

Q4 2018

Splitter feature released

Map Running feature released. Earn tokens for reviewing locations.

Vevue tours with band, Lost Under Heaven, to case study crowdfunding requests

Q1 2019

SERIES A begins

Reignite Android development

Scale team

Q3 2019

Launch Vevue Beta for Android
including Map Running 2.0; Vevue Premium categories; Splitter 2.0; updated user-interface

Q1 2020

Launch STO

In-app purchase of Vevue Stablecoin

Q2 2020

Vevue ID token

Vevue Asset token

What's Next


Live Streaming

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