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Vevue is

The Next-gen Social Media
That Pays

Could something as ingrained in our daily lives as social media be done differently? Yes. And it should be.

Vevue is a rewards-based social media app, powered by the blockchain, that empowers the next generation of media makers to honor their creative craft and make a difference in the world through powerful visual content.

Our token-based economic model allows anyone, anywhere to View, Earn, Participate and feel rewarded.


Built on a Revolutionary Multi-token Economy

Vevue is designed to monetize engagement enabled by user transactions for paywalls, up and down votes, cheers, sponsorships and requests.


By a Pioneering Team of Creatives for Creatives

Vevue (pronounced vay-view) was founded by Thomas Olson (right) in 2012 with the initiative to source honest peer-to-peer original video content. He teamed up with co-founder Xiangu Meng (left) to make it happen.

Together, they have been a driving force to push the boundaries of blockchain and create the next-generation of social media.

Today, Vevue’s team is competitive to some of the best-funded, most advanced teams in Silicon Valley and tech companies around the world. Reach out to any of the officers listed below for interviews or inquires.

Thomas Olson
Founder + CEO Vision

Thomas has ten years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, having founded successfully funded mobile apps along with a multi-million-dollar digital retail business. His passion for innovative technology led to his early adoption of blockchain-focused and forward-looking projects. He is the pathfinder for the Vevue roadmap. Speak with him about futurism, the state of the blockchain industry, and how technology is shaping our world.

Jeremy Culver
CEO Strategy + Execution

Jeremy brings over 20 years of entertainment & management experience to Vevue. His career has spanned geography and transcended cultural boundaries, from a personal screening of his film with Pope Francis I to a decades long partnership with the Saudi royal family. As Co-CEO, he’s focused on creative empowerment and organizational integrity. Speak with him about how creatives can earn a living on the Vevue platform, the unique tokenomics model of Vevue, and how investors can benefit by owning VUE tokens.


Kathrine Olson
Co-Founder & CMO

Kathrine possesses 10+ years of designing and building social digital programs for tech and consumer product goods for various Fortune 100 companies. She is the VevueMom, steering the soulful voice and identity of the Vevue brand. Speak with her about marketing partnerships, women in tech and the importance of play at work.

Srini Nemani
Chief Digital Officer

Srini has 20 years of world class experience in building customer centric products & services. He is passionate about problem solving using technology advancement, innovation & un-orthodox methodologies. Speak with him about blockchain adoption at Vevue and ambitious futuristic problems that Vevue would love to solve in collaboration with blockchain startups.


Xiangyu Meng
Co-Founder & CTO

Xiangyu, a.k.a. Codeeer is a pioneering blockchain expert. Accomplished beyond his years, he won 3rd place at the prestigious ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest in 2013 and built the first-ever copyright smart contract mechanism for the Qtum blockchain. His focus is on developing new features for Vevue and technologies using rapid application development methodologies.


 Product Info


Available Now on Vevue Beta

Social Video
Users set their paywall price and instantly earn more. Wallet to wallet payment allows for 95% profit when viewers pay to watch content. (Vevue minimum $0.01 > YouTube’s $0.001).

IP Certification
When users upload original content, they can also receive a beta copyright universally referenced on the blockchain.

Vevue Premium
Finally, filmmakers and musicians can truly connect with audiences and independently control the narrative of their careers, through honest and transparent interactions with their fans, their partners and their money.

Paywall Splitter
Instantly distribute payments to an unlimited amount of collaborators.

Each upvote or downvote rewards the creator with a token. Give creators 100 Vpay by Cheering or 200 Vpay through a monthly sponsorship. A platform that truly empowers all users.

Geolocation Requests
Elevate advertising engagement by rewarding Vevuers for discovering new places around the world.


Case Studies


Lost Under Heaven US Tour

Vevuers collaborated to crowdfund and crowdsource a music video for the band’s US west coast tour. Crowdfund Backers will own a portion of future revenue from the music video. Crowdsource Contributors who uploaded Vevues of the concerts will earn everytime the music video is played worldwide through the paywall splitter. The music video is currently in post-production and schedule to debut in November 2019.

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No Postage Necessary

This first-ever feature film release set the standard for film distribution using blockchain, coining Blockchain Video on Demand (BVOD).

Viewers were able to pay tokens to stream the film on the Vevue app. Vevuers at select movie theatres were able earn tokens for answering Requests for reviews of the film. Filmmakers and investors were instantaneously paid through the paywall splitter.

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