Video Bounty App Vevue Ditches Ethereum to Payout in Bitcoin

By Kevin Helms  | Published on January 11, 2017

Video review app Vevue (pronounced ‘vay-view’) recently launched a beta test. The company is paying bitcoin for quick video reviews of locations and events. talked to Thomas Olson, Vevue founder, to discuss his latest venture. 

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7 Cool Decentralized Apps Being Built on Ethereum

Daniel Palmer | Published on February 24, 2016 at 15:40 GMT

Enriching the web
The Vevue project promises to "bring Google Street View to life", by enabling users to take 30-second video clips of restaurants, hotels, places, events and more to share with other around the world.

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Vevue uses crowdsourcing to bring Street View to life with Google Glass


"When Thomas Olson moved from New York City to California a couple of years ago, he made it a point to regularly take walks along Brighton Beach and the trails near Capitola.

He fell in love with the scenery which he describes as “incredible” and began taking videos of his walks and sharing these videos with his close friends...." 

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New Video-Sharing App, Vevue, Takes Sharing and Exploration to a Whole New Level!


"Vevue, an innovative way of introducing social video sharing, launches Appsplit campaign to further develop the app!

“Your world, your lens” is the slogan of this up-and-coming social and sharing app, Vevue. It lets users instantly record 30-second video reviews of places and establishments, and share these to the world. These videos are pinned to the Vevue map. They can also be accessed and viewed on the Vevue YouTube page and are linked on the place or establishment’s Google+ profile...."

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