P2P incentivized video network built on the Qtum blockchain.
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Put the spotlight on your work

Vevue Premium is a micropay-per-view division offering quality content independently produced by filmmakers, music artists, and content creators.

We believe in transparent access for content owners to copyright, distribution and payment resources.  We believe in empowering conscious consumers as we shift into a new paradigm of entertainment. 

We celebrate a future where video experience is of limitless possibility and free-choice. Welcome to Vevue. 


Why Launch on Vevue Premium?


IP Protection + Surveillance Smart Contracts

Our smart contracts track the lifecycle of all files, allowing authorities to quickly trace the origin of theft. Vevue is able to track the file even if someone screen records a video and uploads that file elsewhere.  

Expedited Royalty Payments

Content creators can enable a paywall, to set the price of micropay-per-view. This scaled micropayment transaction system is an instant wallet-to-wallet transfer, so you get paid faster. The paywall smart contract also automates distribution for projects with multiple collaborators.

Vevue Airdrop Requests

Airdrop to your audience through the request exchange system. Bootstrap viewership and incentivize audience interaction.

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Content Release Schedule

Going Live

July 10

No Postage Necessary. V-Premium is going live with the first-ever feature film to debut using blockchain technology.

Global Gamechanging

July 24

Zulu Wedding Official Trailer. A heart-warming love story about culture and marriage. This all-female produced movie is pioneering blockchain and film for South Africa.

Setting the beat

August 2018

Music video by LUH. The music video release for Lost Under Heaven, soaring indie duo based out of Manchester

new premium content launching each week!

Celebrating South Africa

September 2018

Zulu Wedding. A simultaneous theatrical and blockchain release of gamechanging feature film.

The Official Vevue Premium Launch

October 2018

We will be celebrating a week of blockchain, film, and music events to officially launch Vevue Premium, a chief pillar in the Vevue platform.

On The Road

starting October 2018

Artist Diaries feat. LUH. The first interactive series dedicated to the craft of musical and film artists worldwide. Using Vevue Request Exchange, viewers can pin requests for bands on tour or on set locations of films to get exclusive behind the scenes insight.


Publish on V-Premium

If you are a professional or aspiring film, music, or content creator we would love to publish your work on our platform. Please fill out the form so we can reach out to you about partnership and publication opportunities. 

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