In exchange for 10 million Vevue Tokens, our team entered into an incubation period at Qtum’s Shanghai headquarters.  Our incubation period includes: office space, smart contract support, and guidance as we transition into a functioning DAPP under DAO operation.  Vevue uses Qtum’s Blockchain for creating Vevue Tokens and recording each video’s copyright.  Qtum’s mobile smart contracts will power Vevue Requests.


CoMakery is revolutionizing reward distribution on the blockchain for equity sharing organizations. Earn awards in exchange for contributions. Vevue is proud to partner with the CoMakery team.


Raising over 1000 BTC in their 2014 crowdsale, Swarm is a distinguished startup in the cyrptocurrency community. Our relationship with Swarm began in February 2015 when they selected Vevue into their second DCO incubation group. 



Led by Zeeshan Arif, Whizpool is a creative software developer group that has brought Vevue to life. Other notable apps from their portfolio are eZy Watermark and Buzzador. Learn more about Whizpool here


Minute List It is a mobile app that streamlines listing on Ebay. Utilizing Vevue's technology of video sharing, Minute List It is the first to bring video to eBay listings. Learn more about Minute List It here


The possibilities for sharing video are endless. We are always looking for new collaborations in programming, marketing, design and technology. If you are interested in collaborating, send us a shout out.