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what is Vevue?

Vevue is a rewards-based social media app, powered by blockchain technology, empowering the next generation of media makers to honor their creative craft and make a difference in the world through powerful visual content.



Benefits of Joining


Concierge Onboarding

Our community managers will assist in getting you up and running on the platform and provide support along the way.

Schedule a call with us and we’ll walk you through set up or reach us on telegram


Preferential Features

Claim your preferred username

Get a verified profile

Get exclusive rewards to give to your followers

Get paid when your followers join Vevue


Early Access

Get early access to the platform and get ahead of the curve to gain traction on this unique and highly profitable platform.



As an early adopting influencer, we are offering $100,000 USD worth of free tokens for the first 1,000 influencers to sign up.

Get Started


1. Download the App
2. Set up your profile
3. Upload content
4. Set the pay-to-watch price
5. Promote your Vevue channel on your other social media accounts
6. Get Paid!

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Now, fully owning my content - my creativity - from concept to fruition inspires me to produce more! Vevue gives me the freedom to meaningfully connect with fans, fellow artists, and friends around the globe, knowing my content is not controlled by algorithms or feeding a social media tycoon’s wallet. Freedom begets creativity, which is exactly what the world needs now more than ever.

Charleene Closshey @CharleeneC
Musician, Singer, Composer, Actress


As Audio/Visual artists our work is nurtured by the engagement and communication with the audience whom support us… We are excited about the potential of Vevue for disrupting the current establishment and rebuilding anew, cutting out middlemen and revaluing a creators worth.

Lost Under Heaven @lostunderheaven
Manchester-based duo of Ebony Hoorn and Ellery James Roberts


I came across Vevue at Digital Hollywood. My familiarity with blockchain immediately sparked my interest but as I got to know the intricacies of the Vevue platform, I became a fanatic. As a creative, we give so much free content to our fans while major conglomerates profit. Vevue provided a direct secure relationship with your fans without a glass ceiling or a middleman.

Jayce Baron @JayceBaron
producer, published author, social entrepreneur, and advocate for the LGBT millennial



Why do I have to download Vevue Beta for iOS over Testflight?

We are currently providing early access to Vevue Beta over Testflight to allow faster turnaround on updates. Our development team is hard at work fixing potential bugs and incorporating your user feedback. A new version is uploaded to Testflight each week. Testflight is a certified Apple app and is safe to use.

How to upload content?

The orange circle located in the middle of your main navigation starts the video upload process. Complete the following steps to upload content.

  1. Select the video to upload.
  2. Select your cover image.
  3. Fill in your title, description, paywall price, and choose from some other goodies like IP Certification using our Content Token (link to definition).
  4. Select Upload.
  5. Voila! You’re done.

How do I receive my signing bonus?

  1. Sign up using the submission form on
  2. Download app and set up your profile
  3. Upload 1st video + social share
  4. Get verified and receive a signing bonus!

How do I earn tokens?

There are many easy ways to earn V tokens on Vevue.

  • Earn tokens by uploading videos. Get paid instantly when people watch your content.
  • Select Requests from your main navigation to explore Vevue Requests from fellow Vevuers or go on an adventure to discover local attractions, parks, and restaurants by using Map Running Challenge.
  • Coming soon: Get paid to watch videos! Pay others to watch your videos!

How to set my pay per view price?

You can set your paywall or pay-per-view price when you upload your new Vevue. If you would like to set a higher paywall price, please contact customer support.

How much should I charge for people to watch my videos?

It’s up to you! We’ve made charging and spending options easy with 1 and 5 Vpay Tokens. Our tokens are pegged to a USD backed stablecoin, so 1 Vpay Token = 0.01 $USD.

How do I cash out my tokens?

In your Vevue wallet, tap the “Reload” button and select the “Swap to Stablecoin” option. Cash-out anytime.

How do my fans earn tokens?

Transferring tokens to fans is easy. You can set up your own programs to promote and reward your followers. Soon, you’ll be able to promote your Vevue’s as ads, wherein you can set a reward amount for early viewers of your posts.

Are there content restrictions?

We are currently a community moderated platform. If your content infringes on others’ copyright or if it is offensive, other users may flag your Vevue for removal. To read our full Terms of Service, click here.