Create and upload videos, earn Vevue Tokens


Only send QTUM from the following wallets:

Starting block: 35,000

Ending block: 90,000

To review current block visit:

Send Qtum to this address: 9d3d4cc1986d81f9109f2b091b7732e7d9bcf63b


Ending block is approximate, offering will conclude once 400,000 QTUM are fulfilled or block 90,000.  All received Qtum will be staked.  

Why Stake?

1. Staking QTUM will provide network enhancement for QTUM and security against attackers.
2. Allow our contributors a real-time view of Vevue Foundations burn rate. This means no dumping QTUM for BTC or cash.
3. Disbursements for Vevue Foundation operating costs will be paid in Qtum and will be made publicly available.

For questions regarding the ICO, please contact us.