P2P incentivized video network built on the Qtum blockchain.

convert your erc20 to qrc20

We are now converting tokens distributed via CoMakery (ERC20) to our official Vevue Token (QRC20). 


Many thanks to all the participants of our ICO. Your VEVUE token balance has automatically updated to reflect the 3x bonus. Check your balance >

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What will we do with funds raised?


ICO participation details

Review our Token Distribution and White Paper (English, 中文, 한국어)

Starting block: 35,000

Ending block: 90,000

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DISCLAIMER: Vevue makes no promise or guarantee about the future value of Vevue Tokens. Generally, participants in this ICO donate funds to the Vevue Foundation and receive a grant of Vevue Tokens, without any expectation of future profit. Vevue does not actively target any jurisdiction in marketing the ICO, other than Singapore. Per advice of reputable advisors, Vevue Tokens do not constitute "securities" under relevant U.S. securities law.