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A social video platform built on the blockchain

Vevue is a non-profit P2P incentivized video network built on the Qtum blockchain


Make videos, earn tokens anywhere in the world. Vevue is a platform for empowering creativity through video. Become a Vevuer by uploading original videos or answering requests pinned nearby using our Request Exchange system. Vevue app is free for all to download, so you can start earning tokens instantly.

For content creators, video and music professionals, join V-Premium  to monetize your content and stay protected using our copyright smart contract. 

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Earn tokens with Vevue Requests

1. Open the Map in Vevue App to find requests pinned nearby.

2. Record a short Vevue in response.

3. Get blockchain payments instantly after requester has approved your Vevue.



Features Live Now

Vevue App for iOS
Vevue Web Alpha
Copyright Smart Contracts
Content Paywall
In-app Wallet
VR 360 Support
Daily Rewards

Vevue Premium First Film Release:
No Postage Necessary

Summer 2018

BETA Airdrop Requests
Android App/web client
Vevue Premium: new content rolling


Surveillance Smart Contracts
Decentralized Video Storage
Live Streaming Video Requests
Scaling user base with millions of Airdrop Requests