Vevue x CoMakery

We’ve partnered with CoMakery, a platform that helps gather a tribe to achieve big missions, to include our community in our development process. We at Vevue want to include our wonderful community in our development process, and our mission with CoMakery is simple - to bring transparency to the next-generation of digital products shaping our world.

Through this partnership, the community can receive compensation for contributing to the Vevue project. We have 1 Million total Vpay to giveaway for video and written contributions. You read that right...1 MILLION Vpay.

For participants interested in video:
You can receive additional Vpay tokens for submitting your Vevue videos to relevant categories listed on CoMakery. By submitting a Vevue video to the task list, you enter a library of videos with the potential to be featured in a future Vevue ad. If your video is chosen, you will continue to receive payments in-app through our Paywall Splitter.

For participants interested in writing:
Publish your work on Medium or a personal blog. If your submission is approved, we’ll feature your article on the Vevue official blog and/or newsletter.

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How it works:

  1. Join CoMakery to view the Vevue Beta Task List

  2. Find a task that suits your interests

  3. To submit your completed task, select Start Task.

  4. Our community manager will review your submission and award you through the CoMakery platform