Earn Tokens Task List

Part of our mission at Vevue is to be transparent and inclusive with everything we do.
We’ve teamed up with our partners at CoMakery to distribute $VUT token rewards for your contributions to Vevue.
We’ve have 1 MILLION $VUT tokens to giveaway!

Below are the current items we’d love your help with. New tasks will roll out periodically.


Tasks for App Users

Tweet Your Vevue
50 $VUT
Share your Vevue on twitter.
Don’t forget hashtags and mention @goVevue.

IG Story BTS
50 $VUT
Earn extra rewards and karma for sharing BTS of making your Vevue. Don’t forget to mention @goVevue

300 $VUT
Music talent or air guitar talent? Upload a Vevue showcasing you and your favorite tune.

300 $VUT
Vevue yourself filling a garbage bag. Cleaning up a beach, a park, a forest, a river! Show your love for Mother Earth, it’s emotionally and financially rewarding.

#KonMari Challenge
300 $VUT
Are you inspired by finding what sparks joy? Vevue yourself cleaning out and donating those goods. *ting!*

300 $VUT
Make your own charity outreach Vevue, encouraging others to donate to your cause. Doing good is a task well worth reward.

500 $VUT
Map running enthusiasts! Earn extra tokens by uploading a Vevue about your Map Running journey! Let’s see those legs work, tell us where you are, what the weather’s like, if a bird pooped on your head. *Must be separate video from the Map Running task completion videos.

Tasks for Project Contributors

Write a Blog Post
1000 $VUT
Do you have a blog or Medium? Write about how Vevue could change your industry or what you think is most interesting about our vision of next-gen social media. *500 word minimum.

Recruit a Microinfluencer
1000 $VUT
We love people who are building their brand from the ground up. Reward yourself for helping us connect with these hard workers. Influencer must have 5K - 50K followers on any network, needs to create a Vevue profile, and post at least 1 Vevue. Earn this bonus for yourself if you’re the influencer!!


Task Submission Form

Name *
If you have recruited a new influencer, please enter the link of their first Vevue post.
For additional information, inquiries, or feedback regarding our task list

There are no deadlines for submissions, as the tasks will keep rolling as we keep developing. To understand more about the $VUT token (former known as $VEVUE token) visit our FAQ. For inquires or issues regarding the Earn Tokens Task List, please contact us at upload@vevue.com or reach us on Telegram.