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Vevue x CoMakery

We’ve partnered with CoMakery, a platform that helps gather a tribe to achieve big missions, to include our community in our development process. We at Vevue want to include our wonderful community in our development process, and our mission with CoMakery is simple - to bring transparency to the next-generation of digital products shaping our world.

Through this partnership, the community can receive compensation for contributing to the Vevue project. We have 1 Million total Vpay to giveaway for video and written contributions. You read that right...1 MILLION Vpay.

For participants interested in video:
You can receive additional Vpay tokens for submitting your Vevue videos to relevant categories listed on CoMakery. By submitting a Vevue video to the task list, you enter a library of videos with the potential to be featured in a future Vevue ad. If your video is chosen, you will continue to receive payments in-app through our Paywall Splitter.

For participants interested in writing:
Publish your work on Medium or a personal blog. If your submission is approved, we’ll feature your article on the Vevue official blog and/or newsletter.

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How it works:

  1. Join CoMakery to view the Vevue Beta Task List

  2. Find a task that suits your interests

  3. To submit your completed task, select Start Task.

  4. Our community manager will review your submission and award you through the CoMakery platform



Examples of Tasks Available



Make a video explaining your exercise journey and how it has affected you.

  • Minimum 2 minutes.

  • High quality footage with clean editing and sound.

  • Must have dialogue, not just visuals over music.



Show us your original music (official music video or acoustic performance)

  • Minimum 2 minutes

  • High quality footage with clean editing and sound.

  • Dialogue optional.



Become a contributing writer to the Vevue blog. Write about how Vevue can change your industry.

  • 500 word minimum

  • Publish on your personal Medium or blog.

  • Include tags @goVevue, @Vevue, #Contentforall when you share over social.

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Download Vevue Beta

Don’t have the latest version of Vevue Beta? We’ve got you covered:

for iOS
for Android




What happens after I submit a task?

Our community manager will review your submission. You will receive an email from CoMakery notifying you of approval & payment.

Can I participate in more than one task?

Yes! You can submit to any relevant task that interests you.

Why did my submission get rejected?

Vevue reserves the right to reject any submission if it doesn’t meet our standards. Show us your creative side, but, please, not your backside: keep it classy, Vevuers. There are children about. Also, and we shouldn’t have to say this, only submit content that you, yourself, own. We aren’t rocket scientists, but most of us are scary good computer sleuths, and we can figure out if that video of your “safari in Africa” actually belongs to David Attenborough. We will most certainly reject your submission and circulate your video piracy attempt in our inter-office memos until your tomfoolery becomes the stuff of office lore. Submissions to the Vevue x CoMakery project still must abide by Vevue’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

What is Vpay?

Vpay is pegged to $.01 via USDC, and serves as the payment method for all transactions & engagements on the Vevue platform. Vpay tokens awarded to you through CoMakery will be sent to an ERC20 (Ethereum) wallet which you enter during the set up of your CoMakery account. This ERC20 (Ethereum) wallet is external to the Vevue app.

What if I don’t have an ERC20 wallet?

You are not required to enter a wallet address when you sign up at however, you will need an Ethereum wallet to receive the Vpay rewards. CoMakery will automatically send you a notification to connect an ERC20 (Ethereum) wallet if you submitted a task and were approved. If you do not have an ERC20 (Ethereum) wallet, visit: to get a free one.

Will I be able to transfer my tokens onto Vevue?

Yes. We are currently building the compatibility to transfer the tokens you receive on CoMakery on Vevue. We will notify you once this update has been completed.

Who do I contact for assistance?

You can reach us at or join our telegram to speak with our community manager, her name is Morgen. She is awesome.

What happens if my video is chosen to be in a Vevue Ad?

We will notify you if your submission has been chosen to be featured in a future Vevue ad. Of course, you will retain the rights to you content and if the ad is published, you will receive a portion of it’s paywall revenue through the Vevue Paywall Splitter. At this time, we cannot offer any guarantee to participants that your content will be chosen to be featured in a future ad.