Blockchain is the
new internet

That's not just something a fictional character said on a hit HBO tv show. It's the truth. Blockchain is a technology that is providing a better system of interaction for its users. It may not seem so right now, because it's unfamiliar. All we hear about when it comes to blockchain are cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, trading, crazy markets, mostly things that are over many of our heads. The truth is this is just the beginning of a system that will change the world. 

VHS changed the world, then DVDs came along and changed that. 
Then Netflix changed the entire system again and now we use DVDs as coasters. 

The personal computer changed the world. Before that, we were twiddling our thumbs while watching tv. Then the internet took PCs to a whole new level. Guess what, it's time to level up once more. It's blockchain time. 

I love the internet! Why fix it?

There are lots of problems with how the internet works today. The Facebook privacy issue is a great example of a problem that affected pretty much all of us. 

Aside from selling identities to corrupt politics, there are a number of issues that the current state of the internet has only begun to reveal to us. To get ahead of what is seemingly a never-ending Rolodex of disaster, we want everyone to convert to the blockchain. 

You know that scene in Westworld where all the sentients find the promised land? The blockchain is kind of like that. It's a new unknown world of crazy and limitless possibilities. But it's absolutely a world that promotes transparency and ownership and protection from all those monopolies who are obviously stealing your data. Here's a pretty good video explained how the technology actually works.

We're built specifically on the Qtum blockchain because it's the most advanced in the world. It's a hybrid of Ethereum and Bitcoin. You can read more about it in this Techcrunch article. 

Why is this important for Vevue? 

Like many other blockchain projects, we've created a token (VEVUE or VUE token) that functions just like dollars or cents or yuan. It's all currency, whatever form it may be. Using our token and the other technologies of the blockchain we can empower you:  

  • You are able to hold something that verifies you are the rightful owner of your videos

  • When someone pays to watch your content you can 100% of the payment.

  • If you want to make money (or collect tokens) you have the opportunity to answer others' requests or have the technology provide you with options

We couldn't do all these things if we were built on servers or traditional means. 

Why does the world need Vevue? 

Video is the future of content marketing. Who cares about content marketing if you don't have a company, right? Really, content marketing is really how we promote ourselves. We've built up our digital selves on FB, IG and Snap, but you don't own all that work, they do. Your content is key to what friends circles you maintain, what job you strive for, what interests peak you. Your content is how you market yourself, so it's time you have control. 

The world needs Vevue because we believe that your content + your ownership + your control is something special. You are special.