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thomas olson

Thomas founded Vevue in 2012.  After building Android versions 1 & 2 with Whizpool he met XiangYu in mid 2014 and started work on a blockchain based Vevue. 


co-founder / ceO-China

Xiangyu a.k.a. Codeeer, is an ACM International Collegiate Programming Silver medalist. He is the driving force behind Vevue's innovations into the blockchain world.  


PengSheng cui


tianqi zou

haoze lee
ios developer





kendrick nguyen

Founder & CEO of Republic, a retail investment crowdfunding platform for both equity fundraising and ICO financing. He was previously General Counsel of AngelList and is an active adviser of CoinList. Kendrick has advised a number of noted ICOs, and has been working closely with federal regulators, lawyers and think tanks to develop a consistent regulatory framework for US-based ICOs and token exchange.

noah thorp

Founder & CEO of CoMakery, a platform for blockchain token administration utilizing smart contracts. Noah’s background as VP of Engineering for SharesPost and Nasdaq Private Market’s private stock trading systems, as well as leading blockchain development efforts for fortune 100 companies, supports his ability to provide incisive review and advice on technical aspects of white papers and ICO crowdsale systems.


tony lai

Co-founder & CEO of, a platform for legal empowerment that drives down the costs of legal support in specific verticals. Tony was previously a technology lawyer in a major international firm, before joining the founding team of StartX, the Stanford startup accelerator. Tony co-leads the Blockchain Group at the CodeX Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, and together with Noah, co-organizes the SF chapter of LegalHackers, where they have been running a series of blockchain and ICO-related panels, events, and hackathons.


SUN ruoyu

Sun, a.k.a. Nathan is Qbao Co-Founder/COO. Nathan has ten years of China IT & Internet experience and has served as head of multiple popular projects.




In exchange for 10 million Vevue Tokens, our team entered into an incubation period at Qtum’s Shanghai headquarters.  Our incubation period includes: office space, smart contract support, and guidance as we transition into a functioning DAPP under DAO operation.  Vevue uses Qtum’s Blockchain for creating Vevue Tokens and recording each video’s copyright.  Qtum’s mobile smart contracts will power Vevue Requests.


CoMakery is revolutionizing reward distribution on the blockchain for equity sharing organizations. Earn awards in exchange for contributions. Vevue is proud to partner with the CoMakery team.

Screenshot 2017-10-22 at 9.35.17 PM.png

Raising over 1000 BTC in their 2014 crowdsale, Swarm is a distinguished startup in the cyrptocurrency community. Our relationship with Swarm began in February 2015 when they selected Vevue into their second DCO incubation group. 



Led by Zeeshan Arif, Whizpool is a creative software developer group that has brought Vevue to life. Other notable apps from their portfolio are eZy Watermark and Buzzador. Learn more about Whizpool here



The possibilities for sharing video are endless. We are always looking for new collaborations in programming, marketing, design and technology. If you are interested in collaborating, send us a shout out.




our mission

a platform for transparency

Built on the Qtum blockchain.  Vevue Requests and copyright is a Dapp built with mobile Smart Contracts.  

working White Paper: English / Chinese
Pitch Deck: English/ Chinese


spread TOKENS around the world

Pin crypto currency anywhere in the world in exchange for video content. 

Upload video content and earn a copyright to Qtums blockchain.

help small and big business alike

 Do you own a business?

With Vevue you can pin crypto currency at your business location, incentivising new customers to visit. 


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