Vevue is a simple way for anyone to earn Bitcoin.
Share videos of places or events requested by the community.




our mission

a platform for transparency

Built on the Qtum blockchain.  Vevue Requests is a Dapp built with mobile Smart Contracts.  

White Paper
(first draft without technical details)




spread bitcoin around the world

Pin crypto currency anywhere in the world in exchange for video content. 

Soon to include Vevue and Qtum Tokens.

help small and big business alike

 Do you own a business?

With Vevue you can pin crypto currency at your business location, incentivising new customers to visit. 

how it works

1. Search the map to find Bits near you.  If none, contact us and we'll pin Bits near your location.

2. Record a 30 second video and a short reply. 

3. Receive payment after video is approved. 

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a Vevue OF the White Tower in Thessaloniki, Greece.