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A social video platform built on the blockchain
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Vevue Beta Testing Has Begun!

We need your help! We’d love for you to test our new version before it goes live. In exchange for your feedback, you can receive Vevue tokens. Register today to receive development updates and join our testing pool.


By signing up, I acknowledge that Vevue will send me development updates and the opportunity to participate in product testing. I accept that the information I receive through this testing process may not be the final product launched for Vevue Beta. We respect your privacy.

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Welcome to the next-generation social media that pays

We are unlike any other platform. Our unique focus of utilizing blockchain technology allows us to build more efficient and profitable user-centric features.


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Features Live Now:
Pin + Crowdfund + Answer Requests
Copyright IP Protection
Content Paywall with Payment Splitter
Map Running : Airdrop Requests 1.0
Daily Rewards
VR 360 Support
Premium Content



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