Thomas Olson

Thomas’ background is in digital entrepreneurship. He’s dedicated the past eight years to investing in new technologies and partnering with other visionaries on the forefront of digital currency. 

Xiangyu Meng

Xiangyu is an ACM International Collegiate Programming Silver medalist. Based in China, he leads a team of three developers incremental to Vevue’s goal of unprecedented global access. 

Zeeshan Arif

Zeeshan has a Masters degree in Computer Science. Based in Islamabad, Pakistan, Zeeshan leads a team of 17 engineers, well versed in launching apps, accruing over a million downloads.

Kathrine Reyes
Digital Designer

Kathrine has spent the past decade in design and art direction for various Fortune 500 companies. Her current focus is communicating the complexities of digital currency to the general public. 

Joshua Mix

Joshua is an early investor in Vevue. He holds a Master of Arts in Classical Archeology and has a background in editorial curation. His expertise helps Vevue build a vision of global travel.