Vevue is a simple way for anyone to earn Bitcoin.
Share videos of places or events requested by the community.


Now Beta testing.  Sign up to EARN BITCOIN!



There is an easy 6-step process between requesting  new Vevues in exchange for earning Bitcoin.


Place a pin on the geo-location map to request a new Vevue


Enter a short message


Attach Bitcoin to incentivize the Request fulfillment


Browse map or receive push notifications of nearby requests


Record your


Receive the Bitcoin payment

Here's an example of a Vevue at the White Tower in Thessaloniki, Greece. 


promote change thru awareness

Vevue brings transparency through real-time content and exposure of pertinent social issues, which can spur meaningful change.  



help discover hidden beauty

Travel to new places from the comfort of your home. Whether it be a bamboo farm in China or a concert in Germany, this is a platform for sharing and discovery. 

provide alternative income

Billions of people in many underdeveloped countries make less than $2 daily. Blockchain technology allows us the power to spread wealth by placing millions of requests in low-income areas. 



With the rise of Bitcoin, the Vevue vision becomes clear and the inception of Vevue Requests begins development.  


Vevue partners with Swarm where the incubation of decentralized organization model begins. 

Winter 2016-2017

makes it debut.

You can now earn Bitcoin 

Fall 2017

Vevue coins on QTUM Blockchain, earn coins with Requests and Awards.


Crowdfunding requests, VR/AR integration and drones!